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New Release: All the Evil Scatters (October 2022)

A Novel 

If you enjoy reading Dexter, The Snowman, and Silence of the Lambs, you will enjoy this gripping psychological thriller about Gabriel Santis, a serial killer shaped by his environment. Or was he born a sociopath? Melissa Hargrove and RJ Otombo, lead investigators with the fictional Toronto City Police Force, try to stop him. As the investigation unfolds, suspects emerge. Clues and messages bearing the evil eye symbol become part of the killer’s motive. The twists and turns of the case will take Melissa and RJ down unimaginable paths. Will they catch their killer before he strikes again?

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Luck of the Draw -- A Novel

Jake Waldron, a struggling writer in Manhattan puts his faith in winning the lottery to solve his failing career. On the morning of the events of 9/11, Jake discovers he has won the lottery. He is excited to tell his girlfriend, Marnie Adams, the great news. Marnie has other plans for the ticket and takes off with it. When he learns that Marnie and the ticket are gone, he embarks on a journey against the backdrop of the horrific events of September 11, 2001. Will he find the ticket and his girlfriend or will he lose everything?

Anticipated release date: 2024
Heloïse and Abelard: A Servant's Memoir -- 
A Novella
The 900-year-old story is retold for contemporary society. This gripping historical fiction is about France's beloved tragic figures, Héloïse and Abelard, whose romance faced horrific and insurmountable consequences. Set in Medieval France, their romantic relationship is told through the eyes of Héloïse's servant, Geneviève, a fictional character. Geneviève enlightens the reader about the tumultuous love affair between Héloïse and her tutor, Abelard. Héloïse, a gifted and intelligent woman of her day, was the ward of her maternal uncle Canon Fulbert of Notre Dame and the daughter of a woman named Hersinde. Abelard was a philosopher, theologian, poet, and much more. Geneviève is witness to their budding romance which is embedded in France's social mores of the day, such as religion, sexuality, and socio-cultural values. Will Heloïse and Abelard overcome these barriers or will their love have tragic consequences? 
Anticipated release date: late 2024
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Time of the Generals --
A Novel 
Set in the early 1970s in Toronto, Canada, and Athens, Greece, the historical fiction, the Time of the Generals focuses on two siblings, Lawrence and Julia. Lawrence, the youngest of the two, struggles with his sexuality and joins the Greek army hoping to become a "real man". When he disappears without a trace, Julia, a struggling photojournalist in an industry dominated by men, leaves for Greece in search of her brother. Will she and her brother be reunited as she becomes embroiled in intrigue and duplicitous characters and situations? 
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