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Irene Fantopoulos

Author, Artist, Educator


New Release

All the Evil Scatters

If you enjoy reading Dexter, The Snowman, and Silence of the Lambs, you will enjoy this gripping psychological thriller about Gabriel Santis, a serial killer shaped by his environment. Or was he born a sociopath?  


Melissa Hargrove and RJ Otombo, lead investigators with the fictional Toronto City Police Force, try to stop him. As the investigation unfolds, suspects emerge. Clues and messages bearing the evil eye symbol become part of the killer’s motive. The twists and turns of the case will take Melissa and RJ down unimaginable paths. Will they catch their killer before he strikes again?


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'Mind-bending , dark, and riveting.'


Amazon Reader

Lucky S.
'I was enthralled. The twists and turns kept me intrigued.
Never expected the intense ending. Loved it. 
Looking forward to more of Irene’s work.'
Amazon  Reader

Praise & Reviews for
All the Evil Scatters

Iris C.
'Irene writes with a unique passion, something not all writers have: that extra "something"! She is an upcoming writer to look out for!'


'Fast-paced and attention-grabbing. I couldn't put it down. Great character development.'

Barnes and Noble reader

Diane B.
‘A true page turner! Quick pace and unexpected turns. Love the fact the book is set unapologetically in Toronto'
Goodreads Reader

About Irene Fantopoulos

Irene Fantopoulos was born in Greece and immigrated to Canada at a young age. She is a writer of fiction and memoir. Her stories about growing up Greek in Canada have appeared in and the Canadian Museum of Immigration. Her personal story The Song that Changed my Life was shortlisted for CBC Canada Writes. She has publications in the Toronto Writer’s Collective 2018 Anthology, the Globe and Mail’s Facts and Arguments, and several online and print magazines. Her poem, Never There? was a top 10 finalist for the Winston Collins Prize in Poetry.

She has a B.A. in Criminology and a Master's in Clinical Social Work. Irene worked in the mental health field and with victims of domestic violence. For almost 30 years, Irene worked with the Ontario Civil Service. While there, she worked in communications, human resources, policy development, and project management. Her experience and educational background inspired her to write her debut novel, All the Evil Scatters. She is currently working on several manuscripts. Irene lives in Toronto with her dog, Neo.

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